Fairytale Party

Fairytale Party @ $200 for 10 painters, $15 for each additional painter
Paint ONE piece from a selection of princess, mermaid, unicorn, rainbow, crown, and castle themed pieces.
This party can be customized to go with the theme of your party! Hosts can specify select items prior to the party. Contact us to make pre-specified party selections at least 2 weeks from party date.
  • All private parties require a $35 party fee.  This fee reserves your date on our party calendar with a 2 hour time frame, a party host(s), and help with setup and cleanup after your party.  This fee is required at the time of booking.
  • All supplies are included
  • Hostess will choose between acrylic paint that is sprayed with a clear glaze and ready to take home immediately or a ceramic glaze that will be fired in our kiln. All fired pottery will be available for the hostess to pick up in 7 business days. No individual pick up - hostess will pick up all pottery at one time and will be responsible for delivery to guests.
  • Additional time can be added, if needed, at $20 for 30 minute increments.